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ME 538 - Advanced Fluid Flow

Detailed analysis of incompressible/compressible, viscous/inviscid, laminar/turbulent, and developing fluid flows on a particle/point control volume basis.

ME 528 - Micro/Nanomanufacturing

Concepts and applications of micro/nanotechnology appropriate to the manufacturing field. An overview of micro/nano-fabrication techniques including mechanical, EDM, laser and lithography. MEMS device fabrication. Scaling laws. Top down and bottom up approaches of nanomanufacturing.

ME 332 - Engineering Thermodynamics II

Gas power cycles. Fundamentals of gas mixtures, psychrometry, and thermochemistry. Applications to one-dimensional compressible flow, refrigeration, air conditioning and combustion processes.

ME 231 - Engineering Thermodynamics I

Fundamental concepts based on zeroth, first and second laws of thermodynamics. Properties and processes for ideal gases and solid-liquid-vapor phases of pure substances. Applications to vapor power cycles.

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