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  At Hashemi Lab, we strive to impact the community through educating students, promoting diversity, and bringing science to broader audience. We are dedicated to inspire students by showing them the vast opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.    
  nicole hashemi stem 2017
SULI/CCI Students Final Presentation, 2017

trlt 16 hashemi nastaran
Taking Road Less Traveled, 2016

Hashemi Lab 2015
Lab Photo, 2015

Hashemi Lab REU 2015
REU/SULI/CCI Students Final Presentation, 2015

 suli 14
REU/SULI/CCI Students Final Presentation, 2014

honors 14
Honors Students Final Presentation, 2014

honors 13
Honors Students Final Presentation, 2013

Undergraduate Research, 2011

nicole hashemi stem 2017 2
Honors Students Final Presentation, 2017

Hashemi Lab Iowa State 2016
Lab Photo, 2016

ric 15
Research in the Capitol, 2015

NEMB 2015 Hashemi Lab
ASME NanoEngineering for Medicine and Biology Conference, 2015 

Lab Photo 14
Lab Photo, 2014

RLT 14
Taking Road Less Traveled, 2014

Lab Photo, 2013

group photo sp 2012
Lab Photo, 2012


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