The focus of the Integrated Design and Engineering Analysis Laboratory is to develop tools and methods that aid in the integrated design and analysis of mechanical and biomedical engineering components. The lab also develops interactive visualization tools for engineering analysis that take advantage of general purpose computing on modern Graphics Processing Units (GPUs).

Engineering analysis is integrated with computer-aided design (CAD) with the help of a parallel mechanical design and analysis framework, which will enable rapid exploration of the design space. To enable this, we have developed new methods for accelerating CAD algorithms using the GPU. and improve the performance of the analysis tools. In addition, the research also includes development of new analysis methods for rapid simulation of mechanical systems during the design process, removing the need to use separate systems for CAD and analysis. We hope that this research will improve the state-of-the-art in engineering design by developing an integrated CAD and analysis environment that will drastically reduce the cost and overall time to market for a component by reducing the number of design cycles.

A related focus of the lab is developing methods for performing multi-scale FE simulations using patient-specific heart geometries. Patient-specific models will help clinicians assess the baseline mechanical function of the heart in the patient, which can then be modified to simulate multiple patient-specific therapeutic conditions, and thereby personalize the treatment. We are developing s framework to build comprehensive patient-specific cardiovascular models from non-invasive clinical data.

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