2D Atomic Layer Energy and Hot Carrier Transport


2D atomic-layer materials exhibit unique physical properties, which prompt great opportunity for broad potential applications. The contact condition at the  interface is a main factor in determining the interfacial phonon coupling and energy exchange. The extremely thin thickness of 2D materials makes it very challenging to study the local interface energy coupling and the bonding condition. In our lab, systematic and pioneering studies have been conducted to develop novel Raman techniques, including TD-Raman, FR-Raman, and ET-Raman to study 2D material's own thermal and charge carrier transport, interface energy transport, and electron-hole recombination.


We are the first lab in the world that distinguished the hot carrier-phonon transport in 2D materials, overcame the optical interference and local stress effect in thermophysical properties characterization of 2D materials, distinguished the optical-acoustic phonon temperatures, and determined their energy coupling coefficient.


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