Nanomanufacturing and Sustainable Energy Lab

Positions available!

NSEL currently has multiple research assistant positions for PhD students.

Research opportunities are also available for highly motivated undergraduate students.

Interested students please send your curriculum vitae to shanhu@iastate.edu


Research theme: Scalable and low-cost manufacturing of nanomaterial-based energy storage and energy conversion devices.


Research topics:

  • Electrochemical energy storage
  • Photoelectrochemical energy conversion
  • Carbon nanomaterials synthesis and functionalization
  • Self-assembly of nanomaterials
  • Smart materials for sensing, actuating, and controls



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June, 2015













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April, 2015


Our papers have been accepted for oral presentations at 228th ECS Meeting in Phoenix, AZ this October. We are going to present in Symposium L06: Photocatalysts, Photoelectrochemical Cells, and Solar Fuels, as well as Symposium A09: Recent Advances in Supercapacitors. Please stop by our talks.


Dr. Shan Hu served as a panelist for NSF CMMI at Arlington, VA.


Dr. Shan Hu visited Black & Veatch World Headquarter at Overland Park, KS as a Black & Veatch Faculty Fellow.


Dr. Shan Hu attended NSF Grants Conference at Tampa, FL.


Yu-Hui joined NSEL as a concurrent MS-BS student. He is going to work on solar water splitting. Welcome!


Xiaohui joined NSEL as a PhD student. He is going to work on carbon nanomaterials and their applications in electrochemical capacitors and batteries. Welcome!


Joe joined NSEL as a REU student. His project is graphene oxide solid-state electrolyte for dye-sensitized solar cells and supercapacitors. Welcome!


Erin (K-12 student) joined NSEL through the Young Engineers and Scientists program. She is going to build an aluminum air battery bank using household items. Welcome!


Bolin joined NSEL as a PhD student co-advised with Dr. Claussen. He is going to work on ink jet printing of low-cost dye sensitized solar cells. Welcome!


Dr. Shan Hu attended 2015 MRS Spring Conference at San Francisco, CA.


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