W.I.R.E. Camp
 An important area of robotics is to enable the robot to cope with its environment whether this be on land, underwater, in the air, underground, or in space. An autonomous robot is a robot that performs behaviors or tasks with a high degree of autonomy, which is particularly desirable in fields such as space exploration, cleaning floors, mowing lawns, waste water treatment and delivering goods and services. With every passing year, researchers have raised the bar for autonomy in robots to a level that could not be imagined 60 years ago when the idea of the first mobile robot was under inception. From landing on comets to performing surgery without supervision, autonomous robots have proliferated and touched the human society in almost every walk of life.

This camp aims to provide an exposure regarding autonomy to middle school students. The objective is to explore the crazy world of modern robots, and understand how they can perform tasks autonomously. In this two-day camp, participants will be exposed to the fields of engineering, mechatronics, and software development as they construct, wire, and program an autonomous robot. They will understand autonomy while doing activities that are relevant to real-world applications that use robotic control, the only differences being the size and sophistication.

Time: June 23rd and 24th, 2015
Location: Applied Science Complex 1, Room 102
W.I.R.E. Camp slides: Download slides

Source Code
Move Forward on a Straight Line
Left Rotation in Place
Right Rotation in Place
Circular Motion
IR Sensor
Bang-bang Control
Follw the Leader